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no recaptcha.getHTML function available

I'm working on asp.net MVC 3 form. I made sure to have the recaptcha.dll,system.web.helpers dll, Webmatrix.Data.dll, Webmatrix.Webdata.dll in my project references, and I made sure to add the @using System.Web.Helpers statement at the top of my form view.

However, when I type @Recaptcha, there is no getHTML method available, only Design, RecaptchaControl,RecaptchaControlMVC,RecaptchaResponse,and RecaptchaValidator. What else do I need to do to use Recaptcha?

Answer Source

Did you also add this to the top of your View?

@using Recaptcha;

To generate the reCaptcha in the view use:

@Html.Raw(Html.GenerateCaptcha("captcha", "clean"))

Also see here if you need to verify that everything is in place

How to have Captcha functionality like stackoverflow in my MVC3 application?

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