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iOS Question

Does any know how to get a Label with information in a UIScrollView to be at the top of the box rather than the middle?

I am having trouble getting the text in the label to appear in at the top and for some reason my UIScrollView will not go all the way to last point (i.e. 10). It stops at 7. I have added some images to explain what I mean.

Currently the text is in the middle, but want it at the top of the label not in the middle

Lots of space between Terms and Conditions and the text

I can only scroll to half of point 7 and view that, but there are 10 points

enter image description here

Answer Source

This should not be a label. It should be a non-editable text view (UITextView). Then the problem would not arise.

In effect, a non-editable text view is a scrollable label!

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