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CSS Question

Google fonts not loading on Mobile

I am trying to use Google font Six Cap on my webpage

It is working perfectly on Desktop but it doesn't load on mobile with the full website but when i tried to make a new html file with just that font it loads on both web and mobile perfectly can anyone help out ?

I am using same code in both files .

Answer Source

If it is feasible for you to try to include your google font link scripts in your header instead of importing it in your css like this :

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

instead of this:

@import url(;

and try to see if that works,

Anyway if your header is not accessible or you insist on importing it in your css make sure that the @import line of code to be the very first line file which is not the case in your css:

@charset "utf-8";
/* Simple fluid media
   Note: Fluid media requires that you remove the media's height and width attributes from the HTML 
img, object, embed, video {
    max-width: 100%;
/* IE 6 does not support max-width so default to width 100% */
.ie6 img {

@import url(;
@import url(;
@import url(;

( as explained here: How to import Google Web Font in CSS file? )

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