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Android remove Activity from back stack

Okay so I'm kind of stumped on what to do with this. So I have the MainActivity, and from there an Activity can be launched to DegreePlanActivity, and from there another Activity can be launched to EditDegreePlan. I've got EditDegreePlan set to noHistory in the AndroidManifest. The problem is after they save the EditDegreePlan it launches an Activity to DegreePlan. So if the user presses Back they have to press it twice to get to MainActivity again. I want to get rid of that so they only have to press it once. I'm stumped on how to do this though.

If I set DegreePlanActivity to noHistory then they couldn't press Back to it while in EditDegreePlan.

I've tried overriding onBackPressed method and launching an intent to MainActivity. The problem then is that they have to press Back multiple times to exit the app then.

What should I do?

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FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP clear your Activity stack , you can use the code :

Intent intent = new Intent(this, Activity.class);

Remember that this flag clears just Intermediate Activities , for example if you have A,B,C in your Back Stack then going from C Activity to D with this flag this does not clear Back Stack and the Stack would be A,B,C,D but if you go from Activity D to Activity A with this flag , B,C,D Activities will pop up from the stack and you will have just A in the Back Stack .

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