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How to create a sleep/delay in nodejs that is Blocking?

I'm currently trying to learn nodejs and a small project I'm working is writing an API to control some networked LED lights.

The microprocessor controlling the LEDs has a processing delay, and I need to space commands sent to the micro at least 100ms apart. In C# I'm used to just calling Thread.Sleep(time), but I have not found a similar feature in node.

I have found several solutions using the setTimeout(...) function in node, however, this is asynchronous and does not block the thread ( which is what I need in this scenario).

Is anyone aware of a blocking sleep or delay function? Preferably something that does not just spin the CPU, and has an accuracy of +-10 ms?

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The best solution is to create singleton controller for your LED which will queue all commands and execute them with specified delay:

function LedController(timeout) {
  this.timeout = timeout || 100;
  this.queue = [];
  this.ready = true;

LedController.prototype.send = function(cmd, callback) {
  if (callback) callback();
  // or simply `sendCmdToLed(cmd, callback)` if sendCmdToLed is async

LedController.prototype.exec = function() {

LedController.prototype.process = function() {
  if (this.queue.length === 0) return;
  if (!this.ready) return;
  var self = this;
  this.ready = false;
  this.send.apply(this, this.queue.shift());
  setTimeout(function () {
    self.ready = true;
  }, this.timeout);

var Led = new LedController();

Now you can call Led.exec and it'll handle all delays for you:

Led.exec(cmd, function() {
  console.log('Command sent');
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