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jQuery Question

Can I avoid using Jquery?

This is actually not a technical question ! Im learning Javascript (I started a few months ago with AngularJs for a big school project) and am now focusing on plain Js, and Im still quite a noob but Im starting to get the 'abstract logic' of it and im having fun.
I 've often heard that jQuery was a bit 'hacky' and not always a clean way to achieve things, but it does work efficiently. My question is: can I keep it to 'good ol' Js forever or will I inevitably have some day to use jQuery for tricky things? Is it a good thing to avoid using jQuery? Can I have your advises on that? Thanks !
(sorry if Im not in the good section?)

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I think this question might be better suited for r/webdev.

But yes you can avoid using jQuery altogether. jQuery is great for DOM manipulation. It has a stigma for turning large projects with a lot of jQuery into 'spaghetti code' but it is still widely used. That being said, whatever you can do in jQuery can be done in different ways using JS, CSS or HTML.

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