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Javascript Question

Problems related to the apply call

I have one function and I call it once,But when I run it in browser,It seems to run two times.

function max() {
console.log( arguments[0] );
return this.max.apply( Math, Array.from( arguments[0] ) );

console.log( max( [1,32,42,1] ) );

This is output of console:
[1, 32, 42, 1]

I want get the maximum value of an array,and I already know how to get it now.I just wonder why this function seems like execute twice and why this function can not get the right result.

Answer Source

Where this refers to window object so int just calling the same function recursively since window.max refers to the same function. On the second call, this refers to Math since you are defined Math as this argument in Fuction#apply. While calling max function recursively the first argument would be 1 and Array.from creates an empty array so Math.max return -Infinity as a result.

To make it work replace this with Math object although Array.from is not necessary at all.

function max() {
    return Math.max.apply( Math,arguments[0]);

Or simply pass the array as a normal argument.

function max(arr) {
    return Math.max.apply(Math, arr);
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