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Removing duplicate rows from a data frame in R, keeping those with a smaller/larger value

I am trying to remove duplicate rows in an R data frame, but I want the condition that the row with a smaller or larger value (not bothered for the purpose of this question) in a certain column should be kept.

I can remove duplicate rows normally (from either side) like this:

df = data.frame( x = c(1,1,2,3,4,5,5,6,1,2,3,3,4,5,6),
y = c(rnorm(4),NA,rnorm(10)),
id = c(rep(1,8), rep(2,7)))

splitID <- split(df , df$id)
lapply(splitID, function(x) x[!duplicated(x$x),] )

How can I condition the removal of duplicate rows?


Answer Source

Use ave() to return a logical index to subset your data.frame

idx = as.logical(ave(df$y, df$x, df$id, FUN=fun))
df[idx,, drop=FALSE]

Some possible fun include

fun1 = function(x)
    ! & !duplicated(x) & (x == min(x, na.rm=TRUE))

fun2 = function(x) {
    res = logical(length(x))
    res[which.min(x)] = TRUE
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