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Java Question

How to check the data from list which you pass in diplaytag?

<display:table list="ratecenter" name="ratecenter" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="tableStyle" style="width:90%">
<% name = ratecenter.get(0); %>
<s:if >
<display:column property="rateCenterName" title="Rate Center" />
<display:column property="didNumber" title="Did Number" />


How can I check the data of the list "ratecenter" in this jsp? This list contains the ratecenter number and did number but I want to print the ratecenter number only once because there is only 3 ratecentre but did to 1 ratecenter is more than 1 so I want that rate center no is only print once in coloum and then didnumber of that rate center and when ratecenter iname is changed then it will print the next ratecentre name in column then did to this ratecenter and so on

Answer Source

You can use group attribute of <display:column>

<display:column property="rateCenterName" title="Rate Center" group="1" />  

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