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Comparing user input with PHP array

For a small project I'm working on I want a user to be able to register an account using a username however I don't want to configure a database i.e I just want to compare the username the user inputs with a PHP array.

for($a =0; $x<$arrlength; $a++){
if($username == $a){ //i want to say if $username is in array alert this and do nothing
$echo print a new username, already taken;
return false;

I'm working with the w3 schools PHP examples and I have something like this (the user inputs a 'username' in a form. I was wondering how you would actually implement this functionality properly.

Answer Source

You could simply use the in_array() function:

$usernames = array("user1", "user2", "user3", "user4");

if (in_array("username_from_user_input", $usernames)) {
    echo "Got Username";
    echo "Username not found"

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