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Swift Question

Count occurrences of part key value in Dict (Swift)

Lets say I have a dict containing the following values and keys

let dict = ["Foo" : 1,
"FooBar" : 2,
"Bar" : 3,
"BarBar" : 4,
"FooFoo" : 5 ]

My question is :-

How would one count the occurrences of the KEY containing or partly containing the key string "Foo"

The result should be 3 ("Foo","FooBar","FooFoo" )

One direction I am looking at is using

print( dict.keys .contains("Foo"))

This of course returns true

print( dict.keys .contains("Fo"))

It will return a false value when in actual fact "Fo" occurs 3 times but only as a part key name.

Hoping that makes sense :F

So again how do I count the par key name occurrences in a given dictionary

Answer Source

You need to filter the keys and then count them

let arr = dict.keys.filter{ $0.contains("Fo") }
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