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BI Publisher - Fail to load and save data model

Started BI Publisher about a week ago.
When working on a new data model, about one or two queries in, I get this error when I try to save:

Failed to load servlet/res?s=%252F~developer1%252Ftest%252FJustin%2520Tests%252FOSRP%2520Information.xdm&desc=&_sTkn=9ba70c01152efbcb413.

I can no longer save my data model.
I tried deleting my queries, logging in and out, turning machine off and on, but no luck.

I'm currently resolved to saving all of my queries locally in notepad.

I can create a whole new data model and it will save fine, but then after two or three queries the same thing happens.
What's going on and why would anyone design such a confusing error message?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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After restarting your server once you won't get this issue.It happens some time due to the connection restart should work for this.It resolved my problem.

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