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Datatables get drawn data

I am trying to retrieve the data from my table which is drwan to the screen.

I am able to get the table data on each redraw, however it is the full dataset rather than what is drawn to the screen.

$(document).ready(function() {
var table = $('#myTable').DataTable({
dom: 'Blfrtip',
buttons: [
extend: 'excel',
text: 'Download Excel'
$('#myTable').on('draw.dt', function (){
$('#search-category').bind('input propertychange',function(){
$('#search-sub-category').bind('input propertychange', function(){
} );

My aim is to get on each redraw, the table data which is actually shown to the user.

Answer Source

Use rows().data() API method to retrieve data for some or all rows based on specific criteria.

To retrieve data for rows with search applied:

table.rows({ search: 'applied' }).data();

To retrieve data for rows on current page with search applied:

table.rows({ 'page': 'current', search: 'applied' }).data();

From the documentation:

The order of the data in the returned array and which rows the data is obtained from (searched rows, visible rows etc) is controlled by the selector-modifier option of the rows() selector used to get the selected rows.

See updated example for code and demonstration.

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