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Perl Question

grouping lines and concatenating them into one line in perl

This seems like a basic thing to do, but I can't figure out a simple way doing it without starting building lots of arrays etc. so my apologies if this is too simple.

I have a file of this format:


this is an edge list for a very big graph.
I need to convert it to the following format:

a,x1 x2 x3
c,x5 x6

(this is another common format of graphs)

Is there a simple way of doing that in perl? you can assume that all the "a" and "b" are sorted, so once you got to a new starting node (say "b") there will be no going back (e.g. no more edges outgoing from "a")

Any advice would be appreciated.


Just keep the last "from" node in a variable that survives iterations of the loop.

use warnings;
use strict;

my $last = q();
while (<>) {
    my ($from, $to) = split /,/;
    if ($from ne $last) {
        print "\n" x (1 != $.), $from, ',';
        $last = $from;
    } else {
        print ' ';
    print $to;
print "\n";

"\n" x (1 != $.) prevents the newline being printed before the 1st line.

The same as a one-liner:

perl -aF, -ne 'chomp $F[1]; print "\n" x (1 != $.), "$F[0]," if $l ne $F[0];
               print " " x ($l eq $F[0]), $F[1]; $l = $F[0] }{ print "\n"' < input