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Javascript Question

JavaScript: Round to a number of decimal places, but strip extra zeros

Here's the scenario: I'm getting

when I should be getting

I can afford to lose a decimal place of precision, so I'm using
, which kind of works.

The rounding works, but the problem is that I'm given

Is there a way to round to a number of decimal places, but strip extra whitespace?

isn't what I want; I only want to specify how many numbers after the decimal point.

Note 2: I can't just use
because I need to keep the high precision for numbers that actually have data after the decimal point. Ideally, there would be exactly as many decimal places as necessary (up to 15).

Gus Gus
Answer Source
>>> parseFloat(0.9999999.toFixed(4));
>>> parseFloat(0.0009999999.toFixed(4));
>>> parseFloat(0.0000009999999.toFixed(4));
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