Hunter Hunter - 1 year ago 84
CSS Question

Google Fonts Look Weird on iPhone

So I imported multiple google fonts to my Wordpress site,, and when I pull them up on the computer they show up fine, but when I pull them up on my iPhone, (maybe other mobile devices, thats just all I have as far as phones) it looks like its almost being layer on on top of the other! I just don't get it! My link is fine, I've tried multiple fonts, but nothing works. Is this a common problem that can just be fixed easily?

If you go to the site, I just got done with it, it's my sisters, how do you like it? The colors won't always be like that keep in mind.

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Honestly I just checked it out from a few different browsers, that font doesn't look good at all. Why don't you try a different font and see if you still have the same problem?

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