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Swift Question

Multiplying String Integers

Before people vote this down, I had been asked to post thing as a new question because myself and a user have a dialogue which he is helping me with, and asked me to post a new question because the issue im facing has stemmed from a different topic.

Answer Source

Go to Main.storyboard -> select your viewController -> show Identity Inspector of your ViewController

In your Story Board Id : set it to ViewControllerVC_ID

Go to Main.storyboard -> select your viewControllerHome -> Editor(top menu) -> Embed In - > Navigation Controller

Delete the segue between the viewControllerHome and viewController Click that segue linker box:- press Delete

After all this your storyboard will look like this :- Your StoryBoard

add an @IBAction of your showProgress button to your viewControllerHome :-

@IBAction func showProgressActn(sender: UIButton) {

    let viewScene = self.navigationController?.storyboard?.instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier("ViewControllerVC_ID") as! ViewController

    viewScene.textviewtext = String(scorestart)

    self.navigationController?.pushViewController(viewScene, animated: true)

PS :- Navigating through viewControllers is like pushing and popping data from stack, so to avoid overstacking your app use push and pop

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