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Autolayout: Add constraint to superview and not Top Layout Guide?

I have a UIView in my UIViewController in storyboard which I want to add a constraint on to space that view a distance from the top edge.

Now, when I do the usual by ctrl + drag to the ViewController's main view I only get option to set it to top layout guide.

This is a problem for me because at one point in the app Im going to move the main view up around 20-50px and what happens then is that view I have will not move... because its not aligned to superview.

How can I manually do this in storyboard or do I have to add it programatically?

Im using xcode 6.

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You should be able to do it by highlighting the view you want in the storyboard and then selecting Editor > Pin > Top Space to Superview in the top menu.

This is outdated in XCode 7, see @PaulGurov's answer instead.

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