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How to get page number on dompdf PDF when using "view"

Ok, so I use the following snippet to get "views" of HTML with PHP variables loaded in as

so that I can do things like fill in
's of data from a database call or whatever.

function getView ($file, $data=NULL) {
if (!empty($data)) extract($data);
if (is_file($file)) include($file);
return ob_get_clean();

Gets used for something like,
$htmlPDF = getView('receipt.php', array( 'orderNumber' => $orderNumber ));
is then used in the HTML to fill in it's proper places. For instance something like:

<h1>You Order #<?= $orderNumber; ?></h1>

Ok, so point is, that's how I get my HTML. I then load it to my dompdf variable as:

$dompdf = new DOMPDF();

Which all works great. The problem is getting the
inline php
script to work to get PAge Numbers / Page Headers|Footers. I've followed the directions here best I can, but I can't seem to make the right blend. Thus far, not having any errors, except I get 0 Page Numbers anywhere!

And yes I've looked at pages like Header in PDF page using DOMPDF in PHP and dompdf page number, but still no forward progress, at all! I'm wondering if the
inline php
scripting has to do with how I'm getting the HTML as a string? Any pointers, ideas, advice?

Answer Source

Update Regarding changes with version of dompdf >= 0.7.0
1. Because the dompdf_config.inc.php file has been removed from this release (and is no longer referenced) all dompdf options should be set at run time.
4. The FontMetrics class is now instantiated instead of static. To simplify migration of embedded scripts from earlier versions of dompdf we provide access to the instantiated FontMetrics class via the $fontMetrics variable. Please update your embedded scripts. For example, FontMetrics::get_font('helvetica') would now be $fontMetrics->getFont('helvetica').
~ Thanks to Dennis Ameling's answer for the updated information.

Found my answer by looking over the dompdf_config.inc.php file. As it turns out, DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP is set to false thus causing the inline php script to be ignored. I simply edited dompdf_config.custom.inc.php to the following and all is fine and working with the later code in the view.

In dompdf/dompdf_config.custom.inc.php

    define("DOMPDF_ENABLE_PHP", true);

At Run Time

$dompdf->set_option("isPhpEnabled", true);

Then, in my html file

    <script type="text/php">
        if ( isset($pdf) ) {
            // OLD 
            // $font = Font_Metrics::get_font("helvetica", "bold");
            // $pdf->page_text(72, 18, "{PAGE_NUM} of {PAGE_COUNT}", $font, 6, array(255,0,0));
            // v.0.7.0 and greater
            $x = 72;
            $y = 18;
            $text = "{PAGE_NUM} of {PAGE_COUNT}";
            $font = $fontMetrics->get_font("helvetica", "bold");
            $size = 6;
            $color = array(255,0,0);
            $word_space = 0.0;  //  default
            $char_space = 0.0;  //  default
            $angle = 0.0;   //  default
            $pdf->page_text($x, $y, $text, $font, $size, $color, $word_space, $char_space, $angle);

If you go this route, don't forget to restart Apache

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