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Android Question

How to programmatically instantiate a Toolbar in Android?

I've looked all over the Internet but for some reason couldn't find anyone mention how you can instantiate a toolbar 100% programmatically.

Most of them talk about using the XML. I already know how to do that. I want to know how to use only code to instantiate it.

I tried doing something like:

Toolbar toolbar = new Toolbar(this);
toolbar.setTitle("This is a title");

but it doesn't seem to show up. This is strange that I can't find a single article discussing this online. Maybe it's not possible? Would appreciate guidance. Thank you!

Answer Source

Create Toolbar Programatically this way

Toolbar toolbar = new Toolbar(this);
Toolbar.LayoutParams toolBarParams = new Toolbar.LayoutParams(

and then attach to your layout.

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