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jQuery grid recommendations for large data sets?

I was looking around for jQuery grid recommendations and came across this question/answers:

In looking through the many jQuery grid solutions out there, it seems they all want to have the entire data set on the client. If I have a large data set (thousands/millions of records), these types of solutions will obviously not scale well (or work at all)

My question: are there jQuery grid solution out there that use Ajax to select just a page at a time? I expect to handle the paging, sorting, etc on the server side with the arguments passed in from the client via ajax.

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Update: I am using FlexiGrid with great success - the rest of the app is ASP.NET MVC2. The only gotcha is you need to modify the Site.css that comes with ASP.NET MVC as it specifies a style for all tables, td, and th tags (padding) that messes up the flexigrid L&F.

Update 2: over at fishysplash, there is a nice implementation of a dynamic generation of the necessary javascript code if you're planning to have more than one grid with different data tables.

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I think Elijah Manor did something with this using the FlexGrid and ASP.NET MVC: http://webdevdotnet.blogspot.com/2008/07/flexigrid.html.

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