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MySQL Question

Using the correct mySQL ODBC driver in windows

I am trying to connect MS Access with a local mySQL database.

To do this I downloaded the mySQL ODBC connector from the mySQL website and installed it. As I am on a 64-bit system I went for the 64-bit version.

I then discovered when trying to connect Access to mySQL that my installation of Office is actually 32-bit so the driver doesn't work. So I removed the 64-bit ODBC driver and installed the 32-bit one.

Problem is, when I go into

control-panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)
and try to add a new data source, the only options for the mySQL drivers seem to point to the old directory where the 64-bit drivers were. It then fails as it can't find the dlls with system error 126.

How do I get it to show the 32-bit drivers?

Answer Source

Run the 32-bit manager by running this command:

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