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'onEnter' hook for Universal Router

With the

, you can abort transition or redirect to the other route when a certain condition meets using the

Is there any equivalent feature for the
Universal Router
so that I can listen for route changes and redirect users to other pages (for example, to the login page for guest users)?

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You can make use of history and then check for the condition in the action of a route, which is pretty much the equivalent of react-router's onEnter. Here's an example:

// Indicator if user is logged in or not.
// const USER = { name: 'Eric' };
const USER = null;

// Create browser history.
const history = window.History.createBrowserHistory();

// Set up routes.
const routes = [
    path: '/settings',
    action: context => {
      // If the user is signed in, show settings, otherwise redirect to login.
      if (!USER) history.push('/login');
      return <h1>Private Settings for {USER.name}</h1>;
  { path: '/login', action: () => <h1>Login</h1> },
  { path: '*', action: () => <h1>Not Found</h1> }

// Listen to route changes, re-render with Universal Router when needed.
const unlisten = history.listen((location, action) => {
  UniversalRouter.resolve(routes, {
    path: location.pathname
  }).then(component => {
    ReactDOM.render(component, document.getElementById('root'));

// Go to settings on default.

On JSBin.

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