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How to insert reference in query dialog lookup?

If I have two Lookup in a Query Promt correlated between them, there is a way to insert its relation in these lookup?

Example :

VENDTABLE Query Promt fields SegmentId and SubSegmentId.

If I select determinate value in Field SegmentId I want to select all SubSegmentId having has the same as that put in SegmentId, vice versa if I selected SubSegmentId (with specific SegmentId) I want to filter in SegmentId .

The object is this:
Query Promt

How to create a relation between two filed ?

Thanks all,


Answer Source

You can create the relation between the fields on the table, however it does not affect the query form.

This is probably due to the implementation problem: How to do a lookup on zip codes if the country selected is, say "DNK,USA"?

It does work on a form (with bound fields) because you can only choose one value for country.

So the answer is, it cannot be done in a query form, you can however create your own (dialog) form and override the lookup there.

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