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CSS Question

Force a floated or absolutely position element to stay "in the flow" with CSS

I'm looking for a way to force floated or absolutely positioned elements to stay in the flow in css. I'm pretty much thinking css is stupid for not having something like flow:on flow:off to keep it in the flow or take it out.

The issue is that I want to have a div element with a variable height, I have a floated image on the left in the div, and I want the div to be at least the height of the picture. I also want it to be at least big enough to hold all the text that IS in the flow (this obviously isn't a problem).

I need the picture to be able to vary in size. I am currently using a jQuery solution, but its acting up. Since I don't feel like debugging, and I feel like there should be some kind of CSS solution, i'm asking.

Anyone know how I can do this?

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I usually go with overflow: hidden or overflow: auto.

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