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Good way to input PASCAL-VOC 2012 training data and labels with tensorflow

I want to do object detection of PASCAL-VOC 2012 dataset with tensorflow.

I want to input the whole image with object labels and the corresponding bounding boxes into the tensorflow for training.

Is there any good way to write a data file for tensorflow to read? Or just read the original XML file in tensorflow?

Thank you very much.

Here is an image example:
enter image description here

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It seems that TF have no support of xml files yet.

  1. You can try to make batches by yourself and feed them to TF placeholders. https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/r0.10/how_tos/reading_data/index.html#feeding

  2. You can write your own file format and your own decoder. Then you can read file and get file bytes with tf.decode_raw function and do whatever you whant. Related question if you whant to read multiple files simultaneously: Tensorflow read images with labels

I think that first option is easier to implement.

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