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Linux Question

Loading 64-bit module to a 32-bit kernel using insmod

Is is possible to load a

file (kernel object file) which was compiled in 64-bit processor system into 32 bit processor system?

Actually I am getting following error when I issue the insmod command in my system:

insmod: error inserting 'be2net.ko': -1 Invalid module format

Answer Source

It is not possible to run 64-bit code in a 32-bit system. Depending on the requirements, the reverse can be true (running 32-bit software or libraries in a 64-bit system), but a 32-bit architecture cannot understand 64-bit code. You will need to compile the module on your system.

First download the kernel source from Then extract, and cd into


Once there, type (as your regular user)


and then

sudo insmod be2net.ko

That should work for you.

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