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How to get variable id in $(variable).click, jquery

I have multiple images in a folder that I open directly on my page.
The problem is I want to get the id of these generated images, because each image has a specific style in css (height, width, margin-top etc). With this id I want to place them on my page on different area.

I want to get a variable id in $(variable).click, if it's possible.

From this line I generate images

$("#bgaff1").append("<img src='" + dir + filename + "' class='elm' id='"+item+"'>");

In out in the HTML code I have :

<img src="./img/catone/picture7.png" class="elm" id="picture7">

With this code I can only get the
, I don't know how to get the generated id by

var pict1= document.getElementById("pict1");
pict1.src= dir + filename;

I already tried this :

var pict1= document.getElementById("pict1"); pict1.src= dir + filename;
var pict2= document.getElementById("pict2"); pict2.src= dir + filename;

But this code put the same style on the both images while they don't the same id. That's why I want to force the
by the unique id of the pictures
... to handle each image with one different action.

Thank you for any help.

You can find the the ajax code here :

$(document).ready(function() {
$('.categorie').click(function() {
var dir = ($(this).attr('value'));
var fileextension = ".png";

//This will retrieve the contents of the folder if the folder is configured as 'browsable'
url: dir,
success: function(data) {
//List all .png file names in the page

$(data).find("a:contains(" + fileextension + ")").each(function() {
var filename = this.href.replace(, "").replace("http://", "");
var item = filename.replace('/', '').replace('.png', '');
$("#bgaff1").append("<img src='" + dir + filename + "' class='elm' id='" + item + "'>");
var filen = filename.replace(/[0-9]/g, "").replace('/', '').replace('.png', '');
$('.elm').click(function() {
var pict1 = document.getElementById("pict1");
pict1.src = dir + filename;


Answer Source

Instead of tring to find the generated id you can work with the class with this operation


Above code will put the desired value to the clicked image.

Even still if you want find the current elements id, use following

  var id = $(this).attr("id");
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