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CSS Question

Change font color on scroll

I'm trying to change the background and font color by class switching:


<div class="back">
<div class="sidebar">TEST TEST TEST</div>


var scroll_pos = 0;
$(document).scroll(function() {
scroll_pos = $(this).scrollTop();
if(scroll_pos > 500) {
$("back h1").addClass("changeColortext");
else {
$("back h1").removeClass("changeColortext");

changeColour and changeColortext are styles with just different colour and background values like this:


.changeColortext {
color: #B63E3E;

While it works perfectly for changing the background, the font color never changes. What am I doing wrong?


Answer Source

Can you post your HTML markup? I suspect without looking at it that you meant to do

$(".back h1").removeClass("changeColortext");

Notice the period before back, which denotes you are looking for a class. Would need to use # if it is an ID.

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