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How to keep sync validation with Redux-form v6 while implementing custom onBlur?

I have a Field that needs some custom onBlur functionality, but when I implement my functionality, the normal sync validation stops working. I can still see the error getting updated within props.meta.error when I console log with componentDidUpdate, but it doesn't actually show the error.

I've tried tinkering with manually dispatching a 'touch' action, and trying asyncValidation too, but the error field doesn't show up unless I leave the onBlur prop alone.

Is there a way I can implement my own onBlur function, while still retaining the original error validation stuff?

This is the component I'm making:

class PostalCodeTextInput extends React.Component { // eslint-disable-line
fetchAddressesValid = () => {
// this.props.async();
if (this.props.input.value.length > 5) {
if (!this.props.meta.error) {

render() {
const { helpText, input, label, type, meta: { touched, error } } = this.props;
const classNames = classnames({
'text-input': 'text-input',
'form-group': 'form-group',
invalid: touched && error,
return (
<div className={classNames}>
<label htmlFor={label}>{label}</label>
onBlur={this.fetchAddressesValid} // *
{touched && error && <p className="warning">{error}</p>}

And this is the validation that's supposed to apply:

const validate = (values) => { // eslint-disable-line
const errors = {};

// NewAddressFields
if (!values.get('postal_code')) {
errors.postal_code = 'Required';
} ...

This is what it looks like when I comment out the line:

// onBlur={this.fetchAddressesValid}

enter image description here

And this is what it looks like when I leave the line in:


enter image description here

How do I get the error message to pop up like in the first picture, while still using my own onBlur function?

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Answer Source

Delegate the onBlur when you're done.




onBlur={(e) => {
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