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Xcode stuck at “Your application is being uploaded”

I am facing an issue while submitting my app from Xcode to the App Store. I have done everything regarding my project, and its running fine on my iPhone and iPad. But when I submit my project I am facing a huge problem.

First after archive I have done the validate. Now my archive file in Organizer is showing status pass validation as well. So I believe I am at the final step of submitting the app.

  1. I have clicked on distribute and selected submit app to app store.

  2. After login I have selected provisioning files as well.

  3. I am stuck here. You can see in the screenshot below. And I have never seen any

    progress bar where I can see the submission progress or something like that.

Only screen I can see is:

enter image description here


It was near about 1.30 hours. And internet connection is working. My ipa file is only 3.5 MB.

And last when I tried Application loader to upload the same I received the following screen as well for a long time in Authenticating with the iTunes Store... ..

enter image description here

What should I do now?

Answer Source

As I felt a serious issue on this. I believe this answer will might be helpful.

After work around 10-12 hours on it and as everything else regarding my project and coding was fine enough, It becomes a headache for me. But after getting some valuable comment from some of the user of stack-overflow and after done some more googling I have found some quality answer.

The answer help me the most:

application loader stuck at the stage of "Authenticating with the iTunes Store"

If you are going to upload it through Application Loader and it stuck on the "Authentication with the iTunes Store..."


You are going to upload it through XCode and it stuck on “Your application is being uploaded”

Then just keep your head cool and check this first method:

  • Check your firewall protection is off. If not then make it off. Otherwise it can block you to connect your computer with iTunes Store.

  • Try a different internet connection. You might find that there is a port that Apple uses that is blocked.

If it doesn't not help you then follow the second method:

Xcode needs java runtime for uploading your apps to the App Store.

enter 'java -version' in the terminal, java version should be 1.6 .if not download lastes compatible java only from apple download center: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?viewlocale=en_US

If it doesn't not help you then follow the third method:

  • This enables the application loader to use the HTTP port for HTTPS. Go to Application Loader java folder : /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Application Loader.app/Contents/MacOS/itms/java/lib

  • Open net.properties file using text mate application

  • Change this particuler line : #https.proxyPort=443 proxy port to https.proxyPort=80

  • Save the file. And that's it. You can upload your binary file to App store easily now.

If it also doesn't not help you then follow the fourth method: Regenerate your certificate

  • Goto iOS developer portal (https://developer.apple.com/membercenter).

  • Remove current certificate, used by your App for signing.

  • Revoke your distribution certificate download it to your mac.

  • Install it.

  • Remove current "iOS distribution provision profile" from Developer portal.

  • Regenerate "iOS distribution provision profile" for app store distribution and download to mac.

  • Install it.

  • Try again using xcode/application loader to upload the build.

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