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Slickgrid, column with a drop down select list?

Hi I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to define a column in slickgrid as being a drop down select list. If not does anyone with some experience with slickgrid know how I should go about adding this option?


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I assume you mean a custom cell editor. Here's a sample select-based boolean cell editor from slick.editors.js. You could easily modify it to work with an arbitrary set of possible values.

function YesNoSelectCellEditor($container, columnDef, value, dataContext) {
    var $select;
    var defaultValue = value;
    var scope = this;

    this.init = function() {
        $select = $("<SELECT tabIndex='0' class='editor-yesno'><OPTION value='yes'>Yes</OPTION><OPTION value='no'>No</OPTION></SELECT>");

        if (defaultValue)



    this.destroy = function() {

    this.focus = function() {

    this.setValue = function(value) {
        defaultValue = value;

    this.getValue = function() {
        return ($select.val() == 'yes');

    this.isValueChanged = function() {
        return ($select.val() != defaultValue);

    this.validate = function() {
        return {
            valid: true,
            msg: null

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