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C# Question

"DLL not found error " could not be fixed although I downloaded missing related-DLLs

I have created a Dll file from c++, I then called it in a c# file.
It is working fine.

But then when I tried to export the files in another computer. I was getting this exception : DLL not found.

I downloaded dependency walker to fix the bug, because I thought my DLL depended on other DLLs that were missing in the second computer; I then downloaded the missing DLLs.

Yet I am still getting the same error.

Dependency Walker also gives me this message : The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.
Do you think it might be a clue?

Kindly assist.
Thank you

Answer Source

The main problem was that the first computer was a 32 bit And the second a 64 bit. I reloaded DLL files from my source code(the one generating DLLs) using the second computer and it was working fine.

In the program that was making use of the DLL, I inserted a code to test whether the host is 32 or 64 bit and I would call the respective dll.

It worked fine. Thanks to everyone

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