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Android Authentication with FingerPrint

We have an app that every time asks user to enter PinCode before authenticate.
Now we want to integrate authentication process with Google FingerPrint API.
We have looked documentation. But in all this implementations we have one truble. So, we want to authenticate user if fingerPrint returns success . But authentication on our system have to go only with PinCode.

So, Where i can save user PinCode securely so that, if FingerPrint returns success to read PinCode decrypt and sent to server?

Take it into account that Shared Preferences is not secure enought.

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Shared Preferences is an option for this. But please read up on Shared Preferences Security if you do go for this.

For as noted by user Shuddh, there are a number of ways to gain access to the Shared Preferences. I think it is a good plan to encrypt it.

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