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Groovy Question

Pass parameters in jenkins pipeline to internal groovy script

How can we pass parameters in Groovy script in Jenkins pipeline?

I have written xyz.groovy, it loads and executes fine but i would like to pass parameters in it instead of duplication of jobs. I tried passing load '../xyz.groovy' param1 param2 but no luck.

Pipeline script:

node {
load '../xyz.groovy'


import hudson.model.*
import groovy.json.JsonBuilder
import groovy.json.JsonOutput
import java.net.URL

echo "\nParameters.."
echo param1
echo param2

Can anyone please help?

Answer Source

Can't you do something similar to this instead: How do you load a groovy file and execute it

You create methods in your groovy that you call with the parameters?

node {
    def script = load '../xyz.groovy'
    script.method(param1, param2)
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