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Android Question

Will my old app works normally on Marshmallow?

I have an old app which I have to make small changes to, create a new version and update it to Google Play. Do I need to implement the new asking permissions on runtime type? Or can I just update the new version and it will work fine on Marshmallow?

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The new Runtime Permission will work only when we set the application's targetSdkVersion to 23. And this feature will work only on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. The same app will run with same old behavior on pre-Marshmallow device.

If the device have Marshmallow or above, but your app's TargetSdkVersion < 23, Your app will continue to use the old permissions model, but the user can revoke permissions any time.

Any way if your app declares in its manifest that it needs a normal permission, the system automatically grants the app that permission at install time.

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