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Lodash forOwn and forOwnRight iteration order

In lodash you can find the following functions:


Example for
function iterates properties in a-z order, but says:

iteration order is not guaranteed

claims to be iterating in opposite (z-a) order.

This does not make much sense to me, so there are 2 questions

  1. Why does
    even exist if there is no guarantee on iteration order?

  2. Why can't the order be guaranteed?

Answer Source
  1. The order is not guaranteed but is consistent. It means that _.forOwnRight is guaranteed to provide the result reversed from _.forOwn

  2. It's as per specification: it does not state how object's properties must be ordered so it's up to JS engine how to handle it (and they do that differently for performance reasons).

A note: the order depends not only on the particular ES implementation, but also on runtime, since modern JS VMs do a lot of heuristics in runtime.

For the ones curious about optimizations here is a good link (it seriously does not fit to cover in this Q/A):

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