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Javascript Question

Instance of object getting changed in javascript

I have following global variables.

var name1 = "James";
var nameObj = { name: name1 };

In button click, I am changing the value in variable name1. While changing the value in name1 instance of the variable is getting changed. Find my code below.

var name1 = "James";
var nameObj = {
name: name1

function point() {
name1 = "James"
if ( !== name1) {
alert("instance changed");

<button onclick="point()">Click</button>

Is there anyway to change the value in name1 without changing its instance?

Answer Source

No, because strings are immutable. Here's a reference from MDN web docs:

Unlike in languages like C, JavaScript strings are immutable. This means that once a string is created, it is not possible to modify it. However, it is still possible to create another string based on an operation on the original string.

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