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Javascript Question

WebBrowser InvokeScript

I have a Webrowser with some settings that are changed using javascript. I'm trying to use the example here but can't get the correct syntax

the script looks like this

<div class="DisplayInput"><input type="radio" name="displaytype"
value="decimal" onclick="setdisplayType('decimal');" checked="checked"><a
onclick="s_objectID=&quot;javascript:setdisplayType('decimal');_1&quot;;return this.s_oc? this.s_oc(e):true">Decimal</a></div>

So far I've tried these with no success


Answer Source

Without knowing what's happening with your application's error and also not knowing what setdisplayType looks like, I'm guessing that maybe you're trying to invoke the function setdisplayType before it's been loaded. Per the MSDN documentation...

InvokeScript(String, Object()) should not be called before the document that implements it has finished loading. You can detect when a document has finished loading by handling the LoadCompleted event.

Maybe you can implement the LoadCompleted event handler and then invoke your script.

Hope this helps!

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