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PHP Question

Combine data from 2 AJAX calls into one array?

The array should be used as Autocomplete suggestions for this searchbox:

<input type="text" class="searchbox" placeholder="Type here...">

I tried to combine AJAX calls but I'm getting these errors:

Cannot read property 'slice' of undefined

Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

If you have an idea of how to properly structure this, please let me know.

Answer Source

You started moving in the right direction – you need an array that both AJAX calls can access, but you are modifying the array wrong – you need to add new elements, not re-assign the whole array, eg:

$.map(list, function(v,i) {
        label: v.Title + ' (' + v.Year + ')',
        value: v.Title

Another mistake is initialising autocomplete plug-in before you get the data – it would make more sense to prepare the array first, and then initialise autocomplete when all async tasks (your AJAX calls are async tasks) are done. See this example: multiple ajax calls wait for last one to load, then execute

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