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Chaining methods using Symbol#to_proc shorthand in Ruby?

I'm wondering is there a way we can chain a method using (&:method)

For example:

array.reject { |x| x.strip.empty? }

To turn it into:


I prefer the shorthand notation, due to its readability.

Answer Source

No, there's no shorthand for that. You could define a method:

def really_empty?(x)

and use method:


or use a lambda:

really_empty = ->(x) { x.strip.empty? }

but I wouldn't call either of those better unless you have a use for really_empty? in enough places that splitting up the logic makes sense.

However, since you're using Rails, you could just use blank? instead of .strip.empty?:


Note that nil.blank? is true whereas nil.strip.empty? just hands you an exception so they're not quite equivalent; however, you probably want to reject nils as well so using blank? might be better anyway. blank? also returns true for false, {}, and [] but you probably don't have those in your array of strings.

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