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Objective-C Question

SOAP, REST or just XML for Objective-C/iPhone vs. server solution

We are going to set up a solution where the iPhone is requesting data from the server. We have the option to decide what kind of solution to put in place and we are not sure about which way to go.

Regarding SOAP I think I have the answer, there are no really stable solution for doing this (I know there are solutions, but I want something stable).

How about REST?

Or is it better to just create our own XML? It's not going to be so complicated reguest/respons-flow.

Thanks in advance!

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You are not saying how complex your data structures are and if you actually need state handling.

If you want to keep your network traffic to a minimum, while still keeping some of the structured features of XML, you might have a look at JSON. It is a very light weight data encapsulation framework. There are some implementations available for iPhone, for instance TouchJSON


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