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I Moved my Joomla site but now I can't login to admin tools

We recently had to move one of our client's websites to a new server (unix to unix). They have a Joomla site. I followed Joomla's documentation on transferring the whole site, and did so with no problems. I downloaded all the files via FTP, I exported the database in phpMyAdmin. I uploaded all the files to the new server via FTP, and imported the database sql file into the new database with phpMyAdmin.

When I access the site, all the pages are there, all content is working exactly as it used to. The site was successfully moved.

However, now when logging in as admin to add new pages or edit current ones, it will not let us log in and says that the user name and password do not match. It's the exact same log in credentials used on the previous server and they worked there.

Any help in understanding what's going wrong? If you need me give more info, please ask and I'll provide it.

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Problem with logging in could be caused by few things.

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