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CSS Question

Prevent linebreak after </div>

Is there a way to prevent a line break after a div with css?

For example I have

<div class="label">My Label:</div>
<div class="text">My text</div>

and want it to display like:

My Label: My text

thanks for your help


After no css solution led to a completly satisfying solution I will use
like some answers suggested

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display:inline-block; -- Might not work on all browsers.

What is the purpose of using a div here? I'd suggest a span, as it is an inline-level element, whereas a div is a block-level element.

Do note that each option above will work differently.

display:inline; will turn the div into the equivalent of a span. It will be unaffected by margin-top, margin-bottom, padding-top, padding-bottom, height, etc.

float:left; keeps the div as a block-level element. It will still take up space as if it were a block, however the width will be fitted to the content (assuming width:auto;). It can require a clear:left; for certain effects.

display:inline-block; is the "best of both worlds" option. The div is treated as a block element. It responds to all of the margin, padding, and height rules as expected for a block element. However, it is treated as an inline element for the purpose of placement within other elements.

Read this for more information.

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