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Add snap-to position in a UITableView or UIScrollView

Is it possible to add a snap-to position in a UITableView or UIScrollView? What I mean is not auto scroll to a position if I press a button or call some method to do it, I mean is if I scroll my scroll view or tableview around a specific point, say

0, 30
, it will auto-snap to it and stay there? So if my scroll view or table view scrolls and then the user lets go inbetween
0, 25
0, 35
, it will auto "snap" and scroll there? I can imagine maybe putting in an if-statement to test if the position falls in that area in either the
methods of UIScrollView but I'm unsure how to implement this in the case of a UITableView. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Answer Source

Like Pavan stated, scrollViewWillEndDragging: withVelocity: targetContentOffset: is the method you should use. It works with table views and scroll views. The code below should work for you if you are using a table view or vertically scrolling scroll view. 44.0 is the height of the table cells in the sample code so you will need to adjust that value to the height of your cells. If used for a horizontally scrolling scroll view, swap the y's for x's and change the 44.0 to the width of the individual divisions in the scroll view.

- (void)scrollViewWillEndDragging:(UIScrollView *)scrollView withVelocity:(CGPoint)velocity targetContentOffset:(inout CGPoint *)targetContentOffset
    // Determine which table cell the scrolling will stop on.
    CGFloat cellHeight = 44.0f;
    NSInteger cellIndex = floor(targetContentOffset->y / cellHeight);

    // Round to the next cell if the scrolling will stop over halfway to the next cell.
    if ((targetContentOffset->y - (floor(targetContentOffset->y / cellHeight) * cellHeight)) > cellHeight) {

    // Adjust stopping point to exact beginning of cell.
    targetContentOffset->y = cellIndex * cellHeight;
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