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How to build pom.xml in a maven project which is downloaded from github?

I am so so new in maven that's way I need help for this problem. Firstly I downloaded this folder from the github. I want to use these libs in that folder. I created a clear new maven project on eclipce but that's all. There is a pom.xml inside it too. I do not know what I have to do with these both folder and new maven project. How can I use these libs on my project ?

Answer Source

If you have a Maven project downloaded and unpacked on your file system, and you have a Eclipse with maven support, you should not create a new maven project but instead open the import dialogue from

File -> Import...


and choose

Maven -> Existing Maven projects

Maven->Existing Maven projects

and click next. Then click "Browse" and navigate to the folder where pom.xml file for the project you checked out is. After clicking Ok, the projects will be imported and made available in Eclipse.


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