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issue passing space with jquery On KeyUp function

I have the following code. What I am trying to do is create a drop down of matching contacts from my database while typing the name in the input box. I capture the input variables as i type and pass it to a php file which processes it and load it to a result div.

I have succeeded. However, I am not able to pass space as value when I want to type names with space between them. When I do that, it doesn't work.

For ex: I type 'John' ...all similar names like John is listed. But when I type 'John Smith', nothing lists because of the space between the words.

So the question is obvious. How do I make the space also get passed. So that 'John Smith' results are displayed. I guess I may have to pass it as %20 . But what I tried is below. And it is not working. I do the passing of input value with the 'getcont()' function in the script. That is where I am stuck. I am sure it is a simple jquery solution. But I am an amateur at Jquery. Please advice.

<script src="" async> </script>

$('#contdiv').on('click', '.pno', function(){
var value = $(this).html();
var input = $('#cit');

function getcont(){
var x = document.getElementById("cit");
if(x==" "){x="%20";}

<div class="admininner">
<h3>Search Contacts on Phone</h3>
<input type="text" name="phone" id="cit" class="contdiv" onkeyup="getcont()" placeholder="Type to search">
<p id="contdiv"></p>

Answer Source
function getcont(){
    var x = document.getElementById("cit");
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