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Most elegant way to force a TEXTAREA element to line-wrap, *regardless* of whitespace

Html Textarea elements only wrap when they reach a space or tab character. This is fine, until the user types a looooooooooooooooooooooong enough word. I'm looking for a way to strictly enforce line breaks (eg.: even if it results in "loooooooooooo \n ooooooooooong").

alt text

The best I've found is to add a zero-width unicode space after every letter, but this breaks copy and paste operations. Anyone know of a better way?

Note: I'm referring to the "textarea" element here (i.e.: the one that behaves similarly to a text input) - not just a plain old block of text.

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The CSS settings word-wrap:break-word and text-wrap:unrestricted appear to be CSS 3 features. Good luck finding a way to do this on current implementations.

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