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Java Question

In Java, get all weekend dates in a given month

I need to find all the weekend dates for a given month and a given year.

Eg: For 01(month), 2010(year), the output should be : 2,3,9,10,16,17,23,24,30,31, all weekend dates.

Answer Source

Here is a rough version with comments describing the steps:

// create a Calendar for the 1st of the required month
int year = 2010;
int month = Calendar.JANUARY;
Calendar cal = new GregorianCalendar(year, month, 1);
do {
    // get the day of the week for the current day
    int day = cal.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK);
    // check if it is a Saturday or Sunday
    if (day == Calendar.SATURDAY || day == Calendar.SUNDAY) {
        // print the day - but you could add them to a list or whatever
    // advance to the next day
    cal.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR, 1);
}  while (cal.get(Calendar.MONTH) == month);
// stop when we reach the start of the next month
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