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Python Check for decimals

i'm making a program which divides a lot of numbers and I want to check if the number gets decimals or not. I also want it to print those decimals. Example:

foo = 7/3
if foo has a 3 in the decimals: (Just an example of what I want to do there)
print("It works!)
elif foo has no decimals: (another example)
print("it has no decimals")

EDIT: Ok, so since "check which decimal is afterwards" brought some confusion, let me explain. I want to be able to check IF a number has decimals. For example, 7/3 (foo) gives me decimals, but I want python to tell me that without me having to do the math. forget the "which decimal" part

Answer Source

If you just want to test whether a division has decimals, just check the modulo:

foo = a % b
if foo != 0:
    # Then foo contains decimals

if foo == 0:
    # Then foo does NOT contain decimals

However (since your question is a bit unclear) if you want to split the integer and decimal parts then use math.modf() function:

import math
x = 1234.5678
math.modf(x) # (0.5678000000000338, 1234.0)
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